Value-Added Use of
AI-Assisted Medical Writing

AI helps me increase my efficiency and provide my clients with more value. I use AI ethically and responsibly to:

  • Generate ideas
  • Generate titles
  • Do some research
  • Organize content

Accurate, Engaging, Original, and Focused Medical Content

Using my writing experience and my knowledge of health and medicine, I ensure that all content is accurate, engaging, original, and focused on your organization and your audience(s).

When I use AI, I will:

  • Verify the information AI provides with authoritative sources
  • Use information from and about the client to provide perspective and achieve content goals
  • Use information from interviews with experts, if appropriate to the project
  • Write the content myself in the appropriate tone and style for the client, project, and audience

AI for writing is improving fast. I keep up with changes and will evolve my use of AI as the technology evolves.

What AI Can't Do

While AI can enhance efficiency, it has many limitations. Here are a few key things AI can’t do:

  • Write original content.
  • Show your perspective and tell your story.
  • Provide the latest research. ChatGPT, currently the most commonly used AI-assisted writing tool, only has information from before September 2021.
  • Understand the full context of medical content. Accurate and responsible medical writing requires the ability to understand complex medical concepts and tailor the content to the audience.